500 rds. Remington Wingmaster HD 12 Gauge Magnum Turkey Loads, 3″

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Here’s why:

  • The Wingmaster HD™ (Heavy Density) pellets are smooth, perfectly round and more aerodynamic that other lead alternative. They’re uniform and true to size 
  • The non-toxic tungsten / bronze / iron composition is 10% denser than lead and a huge 56% denser than steel, dramatically enhancing per-pellet energy and long-range penetration 
  • In testing at 60 yds., these put 60% of the payload in a 30″ circle. That’s 155 out of 258 pellets for serious bird-nailing precision power. At 40 yds., Wingmaster HD generates nearly 200 ft.-lbs. more pattern energy than Premier® Hevi-Shot®
  • Wingmaster HD is softer than other lead alternatives, going easier on the barrel and making them more responsive to a choke. 

This isn’t a hard choice… Choose Yours ONLINE now at the best price going, and have a better waterfowl season!

  • Magnum Turkey Loads, 3″
  • Magnum Turkey Loads, 3 1 / 2 
  • Magnum Turkey Loads, 3″

Stock No. 144428:

  • Gauge: 12 
  • Length: 3″ 
  • Shot Wt.(ozs.): 1 5 /8 
  • Shot Size(s): 4,6 
  • Velocity (F.P.S.): 1,225 


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